Tips and tricks for food waste at home

Food waste in art, politics and more

Theory, policy and system change

Food waste in a climate emergency

Globally, we waste more than 1/3 of all food produced. This has an enormous impact on the climate, land use, biodiversity and social justice.

Your stories

How is food waste different in other countries? Can a relationship change how much food we waste? Why does mental health make avoiding waste so difficult?

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s your food waste experiences, problems, successes or habits, I want to know yours!


Welcome to Food Waste Stories

I have been writing about food waste since 2019. While interviewing people about their food waste practices for my masters thesis, I became engrossed in their stories.

Food Waste Stories is a magazine that continues to tell those stories, along with fun food waste hacks for home and what’s new in art, design, policy and research.

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