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Inspiration for this blog comes from my master’s dissertation for which I interviewed people about their food waste practices. I learned that everyone wastes food, but no two people agree on what waste is, and it is not just the individual who is responsible. Our social norms, our material possessions, and the power structures in our lives all have a part to play.

I was fascinated by the participants’ personal stories, household habits and wider politics around food waste. They told me their own tactics to reduce waste, why some foods never get wasted, and which items always end up in the bin. Some shared how their partners, families and housemates affected their wasteful practices. Common themes surfaced between different participants and bigger issues emerged.

Outside the interviews, I also loved reading other studies and commentary about the subject, and I began noticing where the holes lay in research, culture and policy.

Guided by this inspiration, this blog has three parts: individual strategies to tackle waste, broader issues around food wastage, and what other people are saying about this topic.

The section Tips and tricks is devoted to fun and useful strategies to reduce food waste at home. Some of them have changed my life, and hopefully will inspire new ways of thinking about the food we normally discard.

If you are interested in broader food waste issues, head to Long reads. Here you can explore waste theory and longer essays, including What is food waste?

To discover how food waste is talked about in books, magazines, exhibitions and academia, head to Society and culture. I have an opinion about all of them, but I am interested in any input so let me know what you think in the comments sections.

Key to all of these are stories. Delve into others’ food waste problems, solutions and surprising habits in Your stories and share your own. Everyone has a story to tell – whether it is about how relationships affect waste, ingenious methods to save scraps, and why it is so difficult to avoid throwing some food away.

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