3 steps to homemade oat milk

I was so disappointed when oat milk company Oatly sold its soul to Blackstone, a giant corporation that funds Amazon deforestation, influences rent hikes and donates millions of dollars to Trump.

Amidst “oatlygate” a couple of friends told me how easy it was to make oat milk myself. There are loads of benefits: it’s cheaper, you don’t have to recycle a tetra pack carton after, and Oatly has quite a lot of oil in it that you don’t have to add. So I gave it a go! Here are three easy steps to make your own oat milk.

Recipe for homemade oat milk

Step 1
Pour 125g of oats and 500ml of water into a smoothie maker or blender, and blend for 30 seconds. You can do more or less depending how much you want and how big your blender is – I like the ratio 1:4 of oats to water.

Step 2
Separate out the milk from the pulp, either using a sieve (I luckily have a very fine mesh one), a French coffee press or cheesecloth.

Step 3
Pour into a reusable container – it doesn’t have to be fancy. I reused my housemate’s old glass water bottle.

That’s it! You can customise the milk to your taste. One friend of mine adds a dash of vanilla, another likes to put in a teaspoon of sugar.

Store the milk in your fridge and use within 5 days. Don’t worry if it separates out, just give it a good shake before use.

I am writing another blog about how to use the leftover pulp. I recently put it on an apple crumble and it turned out lovely and crunchy.

Do you make your own milk? Let me know in Your Stories!

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