Tips and tricks for reducing daily food waste at home.

Stocking up
How to save your vegetable scraps and turn them into delicious stock.

Happy endings
Grow new sproutings from the ends of your vegetables and save money.

Crafty croutons
Bread gone stale? Not to worry! Follow this 10 minute trick to turn it into crunchy croutons.

Easiest vegan apple crumble
Using up apples has never been so delicious with this quick, easy recipe for vegan crumble.

3 steps to homemade oat milk
The most sustainable oat milk is the one you make yourself! Here’s how in three easy steps.

5 ways to use up your oat pulp
When you make oat milk, you’re left with oat pulp – don’t throw it away!

How to grow your own avocado plant from seed, and common mistakes.

Homemade coffee scrub
Transform your used coffee grounds into a delectable face and body scrub.

Carrot top pesto
Blitz the leafy tops of your carrots into a delicious coarse pesto

Leftover limoncello
When life gives you leftover lemon rinds, make this easy Italian liqueur!

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