Heart-shaped potatoes and leggy carrots: wonky food in Tunisia is just food

Story by @greenmuhajirahImage by Erin Chapman | @erins_illustrations Having emigrated to (semi-rural) Tunisia, a country quite different from my home of the Netherlands, it’s interesting to observe not only how people have different culinary traditions, but how locals’ experience of food affects their attitude towards waste. In Tunisia, there are very few convenience foods, noContinue reading “Heart-shaped potatoes and leggy carrots: wonky food in Tunisia is just food”

Seven sustainable food waste solutions

Sustainability should be accessible for everyone! It shouldn’t take extra money, energy or time to be sustainable. Currently it does. We live in an unsustainable society, so being good for the planet is hard. It’s hard not to fly because trains are expensive and take a longer time; it’s hard to buy clothes without humanContinue reading “Seven sustainable food waste solutions”

Secret supermarket food waste

I was staggered when I read that supermarkets are making millions of pounds a year off food waste that we, their consumers, produce. Then I reread it – it is actually BILLIONS. At the top of the food chain, Tesco makes a £4bn profit each year from the food wasted in homes. Moreover, food businessesContinue reading “Secret supermarket food waste”