Why were these beautiful watercolours of imperfect fruit so important?

In 1886, researchers at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Division of Pomology agreed that there was a need to document the many varieties of fruit and nuts found within the nation’s borders. They hired 21 artists to produce detailed illustrations of these specimens, of which more than 7,000 are preserved today in the USDAContinue reading “Why were these beautiful watercolours of imperfect fruit so important?”

Curating household food waste

‘6.7 Million Tonnes: We’ve Bin Through A Lot’ by Faustine Pallez-Beauchamp, Pauline Tristani, Andrea Arteaga Ruiz, Weiqi Li, Yijie Cai, Vikas Garg and Sih-Ting Lin. “We discovered a whole world of food waste through curating this exhibition.” Faustine Pallez-Beauchamp is from France, doing an Erasmus year in the Curating Masters at the University of Essex.Continue reading “Curating household food waste”

Food waste as art: Part 2

Can food waste be beautiful? This question was posed by a Your Story contributor and inspired the first blog on ‘Food waste as art’ back in September, where I explored how artists have captured the morbidly fascinating process of decay. It turns out that creating art from food waste is not a rare phenomenon, andContinue reading “Food waste as art: Part 2”